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Nate Schwartz

A first year at UCLA, Nate has developed into one of the top young mandolin players in California, and he's no slouch on guitar, either. In fact, he was selected as the only jazz guitarist in the California All-State Honor Jazz Band in 2012. He sings lead and harmony vocals and is an excellent arranger. Nate has had the benefit of some excellent mandolin teachers along the way -- John Blasquez, Tom Bekeny and Dix Bruce -- and he's had the privilege of performing onstage with Dix, Jim Nunally, Bill Evans and Megan Lynch.  In 2009 and 2010, Nate was selected as one of just two dozen youths from around the country to perform at the International Bluegrass Music Association's "Fan Fest" in Nashville, Tennessee.

Max Schwartz

Just in 10th grade, Max plays and sings way beyond his years.  After starting out on guitar in 2005, he switched to banjo for the benefit of the family band, and, as a student of Bill Evans, has become a fine young picker on the five-string.  He is equally comfortable on upright bass, which he plays in his high school jazz band. He was selected as the only bassist in the California All-State Honor Jazz Band in 2013.

Tessa Schwartz

A fourth grader, Tessa joined the band just a few weeks after her first fiddle lesson in the spring of 2009, when she announced to her parents that she wanted to play at their next gig.  Up to the mic she came, and she hasn't looked back, soaking up new fiddle tunes like a sponge absorbs water.  Having a nine-year old in your band requires a fair degree of flexibility -- Tessa likes to play a few tunes, then sprawl on stage behind us with a book or run off to play with a friend.  She has also received various awards for her fiddling, including 1st place in the 2010 Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers' Association's Youth Fiddle Contest and 2nd in the 2012 Cloverdale Old Time Fiddle Festival. We don't quite know where this is going to lead, but she's having a great time, so watch out for her in the years ahead!

Gail Miles

Until 2005, Gail had no musical experience, and wasn't really looking to join a band.  But as Bob and the boys were drawn more deeply into bluegrass, she saw the writing on the wall, and somewhat reluctantly accepted a rental bass that Bob brought home one night.  To her surprise and delight, she soon found that, not only was she able to hold down a steady downbeat, but she enjoyed it, too.  A venture into singing soon followed, and now Gail provides a solid bass line for the band at every gig, as well as some soulful lead vocals on a song or two. She has attended music camp where she studied with Lisa Burns, Claire Lynch and Trish Gagnon.

Bob Schwartz

When Bob's eyes were first opened to bluegrass at a festival in the summer of 2005, he could only dream that someday he'd have his entire family picking and singing with him.  But the dream took shape, and a year later the family was performing at the Walnut Creek Farmers Market.  Bob provides steady rhythm guitar as well as lead and harmony vocals, and still pinches himself at every gig to make sure that he's not just dreaming.  As far as Bob knows, he is the only lawyer in the country specializing in employee benefits who has a family bluegrass band.